Henna / Mehndi

Mehndi is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration. Henna is a natural, brownish, non-permanent dye often used for body art. My mehndi is elegant but very non-traditional designs that incorporate hearts, Koi fish, peacocks, even spiders! I have a menu of these "westernized" ideas chosen for speed since there's always a long line at the henna table, but feel free to bring me a photo or sketch of your own design for me to duplicate for you.

The vividness and staying power of these designs depends upon where the design is and how much you scrub your skin. The skin on the palm tends to stain darker.

Henna in Texas is popular for bachelorette parties, as honeymoon surprises, baby bumps, and the list goes on. My henna is prepared fresh from natural ingredients including lemon; so steer clear if you have citris allergies.


Parties: $75 per hour * Individuals: $15 per design

Call (512) 917-9671. References Available.

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