Long Lasting Painted Tattoos - last 3-5 days

The long lasting, temporary, painted tattoos that I offer now are perfect for our Texas heat and pool parties because they last for days and they don't come off with water unless they are rubbed off! They are also perfect for special occasions. Whether you opt for brilliant color or colorful glitter, and whether you choose a stenciled design or a custom design, you will love these tattoos because they last several days but don't fade or stain your skin since they contain cosmetic grade pigments instead of dyes. The colors are water-based, cosmetic grade pigments manufactured to the highest standards.

You can completely remove the painted tattoos at any time with a washcloth, soap, and warm water. The painted glitter tattoos can be removed with rubbing alcohol (preferably 91%).

Note: If not all your guests want these tattoos, they can still get my awesome face painting and body art!

Parties: $125 per hour * Carnivals/Festivals: $10 per design

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