Frequently Asked Questions

What's it really like? It kinda tickles. It dries in a few seconds. The sparkles used on the designs are made of polyester so we don't harm eyes. It looks fabulous and it's tons of fun!
How many people can you paint in an hour? I paint quickly when doing partial faces and masks -- about 20 participants in an hour. Smaller parties still need the entire hour booked for full faces, intricate designs, and additional art -- "coming back for seconds."
What's "decal style"? Cheek art? Decal style body art is what I usually do for large crowds and limited time. Imagine about 1/4 or 1/3 of your face getting painted. It's individual, semi-elaborate works of art that can go anywhere on the face, back, or down arms and hands, or around ankles, wrists, necks, or bellybuttons. I usually only do full face painting (where the entire face is completely covered) for costumes or smaller parties as time allows. Any design may be accentuated with glitter-like sparkles or press-on body jewels.
What if it rains? No problem. Face painting can be done inside, whatever the weather. It's the best entertainment to book for winter months, sweltering summers, and questionable forecasts.
Other languages? Spanish and ASL. I know enough of both of these languages to get you painted and smiling.
Are you a clown? Depends on who you ask. I dress colorfully/whimsically, but I don't dress in a clown suit or do balloon twisting. Sometimes clowns that do face painting ... well, let's just say that their skill is mostly in the clowning, not the painting (I still love you clowns!) And as for balloon twisting, the only thing I can make with a balloon is a comma.
What other stuff do you offer?
[click here for pricing info on these]
  • Temporary tattoos, custom temporary tattoos, as well as glitter and flash tattoos
  • UV paint designs for Black Light parties
  • Henna
  • Bubble machine for continuous bubbles outdoors
  • Fog machine
  • Party music at the face painting table -- age/event appropriate
  • Color hair sprays and nail polish (with parents' permission)
  • Painted Gifts
What can you paint? Just about anything you can dream up. But I have themed menus (girl stuff, guy stuff, teen stuff, holiday stuff, etc.) with cool ideas to choose from, and I make suggestions based on personality and clothing colors.
What's the best age for face painting? Any age -- including hard to please teenagers and office party goers. On the very young, I suggest getting the decoration on the arms or hands so they can see it. I use lightweight, non-toxic, water-based professional paints; however, I would not recommend painting babies since their skin is very absorbent.
Why do you charge so much / so little?

So much: You are paying for original, custom, semi-elaborate works of art, non-stop painting, entertainment, supplies, gas, time, equipment, and talent. The smiles you will see on your guests are priceless!

So little: I realize that I charge approximately half the fee of other Austin face painters, but I REALLY enjoy what I do, and I'm not trying to make a living from it.

What's up with the travel fee? I just began charging for travel this year. Since I have started painting, gas prices have gone from $1.22 per gallon to $3.60+ per gallon. Also, it's about timing: if I spend 45 minutes driving to you, I'm losing 1.5 hours round trip driving, plus the 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to put it all away, which is 2 full hours. That really cuts into booking time. (Keep in mind that my hourly rates remain so low that adding a travel fee is still lower than most other area painters's base fee.)

How long does it last?

How do you get it off?

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