Waterproof Options: Beyond Regular Temporary Tattoos - last 3-5 days

Regular temporary tattoos can be provided with face painting at no extra cost, but you must request them; I do not always have them with me.

Special tattoos, which do have a different pricing, are described below.

Sparkling glitter in your favorite design and color. Available in stenciled designs and custom designs.

These temporary but long lasting tattoos are perfect for our Texas heat and pool parties because they last for days and they don't come off with water unless they are rubbed off! Their brilliant sparkle also makes them perfect for special occasions.

Can be removed with rubbing alcohol (preferably 91%).

Special Conditions Required: since these are applied using loose glitter, it is near impossible to do a good job in windy weather.

Parties: $95 per hour

Carnivals/Festivals: $5 per design

glitter tattoo

Life-like, black matte temporary tattoos.

From patented HD contour stencils which allow incredible detail on the skin. Teens and adults love these. Completely dry in just a couple minutes. Can last up to a week.

Application Time: Takes about 2.5 minutes each. Count on 20 people per hour.

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